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At Accountability Ace, we're committed to providing you with superior Accounting Services like an ACE! 


We love working with small businesses + individuals to achieve their financial goals. With Accountability Ace, you can grow and sustain your business, put money in the bank and start achieving those big-ticket goals that you've set for yourself and your business!


Hey there!

I feel your pain!

I'm the product of a small business owner!

Hi there,


I am Arkima Edwards, founder of Accountability Ace Services. I started this business because of a burning desire that I had to serve the small businesses. 


You see for years, I've watched my mother operate her small business as a beach vendor, with little or no accounting habits, or techniques applied to her business.


But for years, my mother was never able to achieve real wealth and attain assets to improve her quality of life.


One day my mother went to the credit union to obtain a loan, the first thing they asked was for her financial statements. This threw my mother into a tailspin! Of course! She never kept accounting records! How was she going to get a loan? 


I was happy to help my mother create her financials and it wasn't easy. We waded through years of partial records and finally created a set of financials that allowed her to secure a mortgage for herself.


I know this is the story of many other small businesses out there and that is why I am committed to serving small business. 


It's already hard to run the business, let me help you secure your future on a budget!

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Understand your Money

Use this tool to gain a better understanding of your cashflow.  

Track your Money

Use this tool to track your net profits after your tax obligations.

grow your money

Your business will not grow without intention!

Let's create your profit plan today!

Plan for your money

You're almost there!

What big ticket goals to you have for your business?

Let's formulate a plan for how you will get there

ACE Starter Pack

Keeping good accounting and financial records can seem overwhelmingly complicated. But with the Ace Starter Pack, we'll  give you the tools that will help you to put your business on track and we'll show you how to use them on a daily basis.



Book Keeping Services

Keep your business on track with our monthly book-keeping services. we'll provide you with 4 hours of billable hours each month.




Financials sometimes never become necessary until you're trying to do business in a formal environment. For example: getting a loan at the bank or even trying to access grant funding or concessions from the government. If and when you do, our rates are much cheaper than a chartered accountant.




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